Getting A Bingo

Posted by OnniLamsa - June 19, 2015

Bingo is one of the most adorable games in history, it is very easy to play and requires no prior knowledge of any kind. There are also many local tournaments for playing bingo, mostly for older people in their spare time on weekends and holidays. There are also many ways to play the game, there is the classic live one, where everyone is seated at a table and numbers are drawn. You can also find playing bingo online, where you compete against different people from all over the world. There is also the personal game, where you can play on your PC or mobile phone.


The game is very easy, each player is given a board with a table filled with numbers in a random order. Then each round a ball is drawn, this ball has a number. Every player checks off that number from his/her board, until you finish a whole row or a column. Each cleared row or column makes you check out a letter from the word BINGO, which means that you have to clear only 5 rows or columns to win. The winner is the first one to clear all 5 rows and says bingo, it is a fun game for all ages.


bingo_sdlkThere is another beautiful side of this game, most of the real live games are played within a community; whether it is a church community or school or anything you could think of. So the prizes can be arranged for, some people gather money from each player, then the whole generated amount is the prize. Others buy things with that amount of money and that is the prize, there is also a tradition where some communities play for charity; where the winner donates his/her winnings to an orphanage or for any other noble cause.

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